>> History of Snow Lake Shores

Text from the marker in "Friendship Park".....

In 1839, some 32 years before the creation of Benton County, John M. Ferrell and his wife moved from Tennessee to a site several miles west of present day Snow Lake Shores. Among their ten children was a daughter Emaline who married an Englishman, Mr. Joe Shone. They built their house about two miles east of her father's home on what would come to be known as Shone's Pond, known today as Snow Lake Shores. A 1950 survey shows Shone's Pond as Shone's Mill Pond. Historical records show that one of Emaline's brothers ran a mill at Shone's Pond and in recent years parts from an old grist mill have been excavated below the spillway south of Highway 4.

Shone's Pond was then part of Tippah County. Hoover road, which forms part of the west boundary, was the county line between Tippah and Marshall Counties before Benton County was formed. The area around Shone's Pond was mostly marsh and cypress swamp. Two streams, the Still House Branch and Snow Creek, emptied into Shone's Pond.

In 1947, Mr. Walter Utley of Utley Realty moved to Marshall County from New York with high hopes to build a resort development. He and friend George Bishop rented a plane and begin their mission of finding the perfect place. Mr. Utley spotted the Big Snow Creek with its three forks, which looked to be a good prospect.

After a wet and miserable search of the area by walking, they contacted Mr. John Farese for assistance in buying the land from the owners.

The land was purchased from W.M. Fennell, S.M. Fennell, R.U. Bond, and Walter Utley in the fall of 1957 through 1958.

Around 1956, a partnership among men named Utley, Farese, and Gresham organized to develop the residential subdivision of Snow Lake Shores. It took 30 to 40 thousand gallons of diesel fuel to clear the land. Sixty people were hired and they used heavy equipment from Will's Construction Company in Corinth. Many Benton County residents worked and sweated over clearing the land. Men such as Jody Pullium, John E. Peeler, Waylon Collicut and so forth.

The year 1958 was the peak of Snow Lake development. People came from all around, especially Memphis, to buy their vacation get aways. Full-page ads ran in the Southern Advocate allowing Benton, Marshall, and Tippah Countians first selection of the available lots. The ad's promoted Snow Lake as a private restricted resort subdivision with such wording as "A paradise for the whole family, with the best of boating, swimming, and fishing, with wide sandy beaches, safe for children. An opportunity for a place to vacation the entire year around, that others travel miles to enjoy".

Today, Snow Lake Shores is a thriving community with both an Active Corporation and Town.